Season 4Edit

Cast Member Nancy Woods Filled a restraining order on Cast Mate Sherrie Barns For touching her things and wanting her out the house. Cast Mate Sherrie Barns Didn't follow the rules to the restraining order and she put all Nancy Woods belongings out side and taking her Bad girl Statue and putting it in the pool so Nancy Woods threaten to press charges on Sherrie Barns and she touches her things again and a physical fight occurs Between the two girls.

Season 5Edit

Cast Member's Kate Simmons and Paisley Miller were sentenced 2 weeks in Prison after a Vicious Assault and Attack on other cast-mate Amber Susponie who Sued the two women for hitting her after she didn't Agree with what they were doing to Cast-mate Piper Lane and trying to make her leave the house and she tries to stop them and they Attacked her. Both of the women were removed from the Bad girls Club Home.

Season 13Edit

Carly, Tisha, and Stacey, and Nicole and Kaylee all fell that Marie thinks she is a boss going around the house beating everybody up so they decide when her and Chantelle come back from shopping they were gonna jump her so when Marie walks in the door's Tisha Confronts her and Marie Punches her in the Face and Tisha Grabs her hair and Marie doesn't Care she was just Punching and Carly and Stacey Grabs her hands and Start Punching until she falls and Nicole and Kaylee Stomp her And Chantelle Grabs Nicole Hair From Behind and Slams her. Later Marie got her father to send some of his Mob men to the house to teach the girls a lesson but the FBI and the Cops were Called to keep them away.

Season 15Edit

Bad girls Heavin Jackson and Ebony Stewart and Christina Bell all Pack up Castmates Cashmere Sanchez Things and they put it in the pool so when Cashmere Sanchez returns from the club she see's it and she snaps and goes and argue's with the girls and she swings on Them and they try to jump her but she has a Knife in her hand Sliceing Who ever was hitting her.