Feelings & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Genre Reality television
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 1
Location(s) Atlanta, Georgia
Running time 60 minutes
Original run January 8, 2018 – present
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Feelings & Hip Hop: Atlanta Is a reality TV series That Focuses on the Love Life and hard times and Great Times That Certain Couples and Friends and Family members go threw. The series Takes Placed and is Filmed in many Parts of Atlanta, Georgia.Cast Member Jacquelyn Davis Gunner From Feelings & Hip Hop Will Join Season 2.


On October 2, 2018 during Filming for Season 2 cast members Chyna-Doll and Spanni got into a Big Argument at Tiny's birthday party and The Ladies Got Physical resulting in Chyna-Doll throwing Knives and Glass at Spanni and Spanni arm was Cut but Security Calmed it down before it went any farther and Spanni decides to File a police report on Chyna-Doll for assault and battery.

Cast membersEdit

Cast Member Ages Seasons
1 2
Le'Yanna Green 24 Main
Komika 25 Main
Coco 23 Main
Young-Jae 27 Main
Theresa "Tiny" 24 Main
Spanni 28 Recurring Main
Jacquelyn Davis 30 Main
Yasmine "Yas" 32 Main
Chyna-Doll 23 Main Recurring
Dazee 21 Main

Main CastEdit

  • Le'Yanna Green (Season 1–present) She is a Stripper who is Dating Zip she wants to get married to Him But all His Crazy ways of Texting and Flirting with Other Bitches Always Has Le'Yanna on The edge.
  • Komika (Season 1–present) She is a Sexy Mixed Black and Asian Princess who is a Hair Stylist one of The Biggest in The ATL she is DJ-Style They Have a 2 Year old Daughter Together and They are Currently Building a mansion from The ground up for there Family.
  • Coco (Season 1–present) She is a 23 Year Rapper who has Had many Hits with the best and Biggest in The Game she often finds her self Competing with Childhood friend Chyna-Doll They are not friends anymore since Chyna-Doll and her crew Jumped Coco Landing her in The Hospital.
  • Young-Jae (Season 1–present) She is a Young Song Writer and Rapper she is a lesbian she is a Player she Loves Girls and That is what causes a rift in her relationship with her Long time Girlfriend Taylor.
  • Theresa "Tiny" (Season 2–present) She is a 24 year old singer who is Made her way in Atlanta she started in this Game back whens eh was 18 years old and she has Been in The Music Game since she had a Public Break Up with one of The biggest Rapper sin The A she is Beefing with Jacquelyn They Met about 4 years ago and Threw shade at each Other Music and Have been beefing ever since.
  • Spanni (Season 2–present) She is The wife of Craig-Boss and The Mother of His 3 Children she has been with him for over 10 years and she has seen it all with him she doesn't Know he is cheating on her she has thought about leaving him but she doesn't wants to Have a Public divorce because there kids are involved. She gave Birth to There 4th Child in 2018 and she is working things out with him.
  • Jacquelyn Davis (Season 2–present)
  • Yasmine "Yas" (Season 2–present)

Past Cast MembersEdit

  • Dazee (Season 1) She is a Young Sexy 21 Year old Model who Just Moved from The West Coast to be with her Man Rapper Fredo and Dazee wont let Fredo fall back into His Ex-Alicia Traps even If They have to fight everyday dazee will Stand for her Man.

Supporting CastEdit

  • Chyna-Doll (Season 1–present) She is a 22 year old Rapper from East Atlanta Striving to Have That One Hit Song That brings her to The Top of The Game but Hater are going to come after her mainly Because her Manager of Her Label pays her More attention Then any other artist his managing because she is sleeping with him.
  • DJ-Style He is a Big DJ in Atlanta everyone Know shim he is The King of Mixing he is Dating Hair Stylist Komika They Have a Daughter together and He is working up The Courage to ask her to marry Him.
  • Craig-Boss He is a Big Record Label owner and Manger in ATL he Manages Many hot New artist Including Chyna-Doll who he is sleeping with although he is married to another women Spanni who has 3 Children with.
  • Zip He is a rapper who is Very Flirtatious he Loves ot Have sex he is dating Stripper Le'Yanna he wants her to Leave the strip club because That's where he Finds most of His Bitches.
  • Taylor She is Young-Jae Girlfriend who is always Paranoid about Young-Jae Cheating on her she is friends with Le'Yanna They work at the same Strip club.
  • Alicia She is Fredo EX-Girlfriend and One of His many baby mamma's she is still in Love with him and she likes to tease him and Flirt she is always Having a Fist fight with Dazee Telling her she will never Last in Fredo Life.
  • Fredo He is Rapper from Chicago he has been Threw it all he has Been shot Multiply Times he has 6 Kids with 6 Different baby Mothers he is always Trying to Make Dazee feel Secure and Loved with him No Matter the past.
  • Gunner
  • Clay'
  • Shayla
  • Missy

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally Aired
Season premiere Season finale Reunion
1 12 January 8, 2018 March 19, 2018 March 26, 2018
April 2, 2018
2 13 January 7, 2019 TBA TBA

Season 1: 2018Edit

No. in
No. in
Episode title Original air date Viewers
1 1 "We In The A-Hoe" January 8, 2018 2.2
Craig Boss Has a Big Premiere Party for his New Shoe Line and Chyna-Doll and Coco and Young-Jae and Zip and Fredo and DJ-Style all Perform and Chyna-Doll Gets annoyed That Craig is Taking Pictures with Spanni his wife and Coco was in The VIP with Le'Yanna and Komika and Dazee and Taylor Talking about Chyna-Doll and Chyna-Doll goes over there and Says "BITCH YOU NEED SOME MORE STITCHES KEEP YO MOUTH SHUT" and Coco Throws a Drink at her and Chyna-Dolls Throws a Pillow at her as Coco turns to dodge the Pillow Chyna-Doll runs up and starts Pounding Coco in The Head and security Pulls Them apart and Chyna-Dolls Laugh saying "IM ALWAYS GO FUCK YOU UP DUMMY" and when Dazee goes to hug Her Man fredo for killing The stage There he is with Alicia and Dazee freaks out and Alicia starts Calling her all Kinds of names and Fredo tells her to chill and Alicia swings on dazee But security was there and she missed. Later Chyna-Doll goes to a Hotel where Craig-Boss Opens The door and They Hook-Up while Spanni is Home with his Kids.
2 2 "My Man is Her Man Yeah its Our Man" January 15, 2018 2.0
Komika Has Just open a New Salon and she Invites everyone and she is Friends with Spanni and she invites her out to have Fun to Get away from her Marriage Life and Coco Meets Spanni and she tells spanni That Chyna-Doll is sleeping with her Man and Spanni wants to catch Them in The act so she GPS Craig and Finds Him with Chyna-Doll and Spanni runs up and Swings and Misses Chyna and Chyna says "HE IS OUT MAN BITCH" and Spanni reveals Covo Told her so Chyna-Doll Has some words better yet some Fist for Coco next Time she see her.
3 3 "Running The Bull" January 22, 2018 2.2
Le'Yanna is Tired of Zip Games so she decides to Play some games of her own she decides to give all His Homies lap Dances at the Strip club and when Zip hears about That he gets Pissed off and Tells Le'Yanna he wants her to stop being a stripper But she wont and Zip walks out on her. Later Dazee Goes out to Coco Showcase with Young-Jae and Taylor and she vents to Them about her Issues with Fredo and his baby Mamma Alicia and while Coco is on Stage Killing it Chyna-Doll has Unfinished Business with this Bitch and she stand sin The Middle and starts Talking shit to Coco while she is Performing and Coco wants to keep it Cute But she Drops The Mic and Jumps off stage and on Chyna-Doll and Chyna-Doll Flips her over and security Grabs Them Coco Blonde Wig is Off and Chyna-Doll Curly Lace front is Tilted to the Back.
4 4 "Blood Sweat & Punches" January 29, 2018 2.04
DJ Style tells Komika his Plans on working with Young-Jae on her Remix album but Komika and Young-Jae don't get along and Komika feels DJ should scrap The Idea to work with Young-Jae and when he tells Jae about it she wants to Check Komika Because its Petty so Young-Jae Takes her Girlfriend Taylor to get her hair done in Komika shop and Jae talks to Komika and They start Arguing and Young-Jae starts Knocking shit over and Komika is a boss about her Business so she Halls off and Punches Young-Jae in The face and security Steps in and Taylor Tries to Fight Komika and she ends socking wet after Komika sprayed her ass with the water Hos. Later Spanni and Craig go to a Marriage Counselor to see where there Marriage went wrong for him to Cheat and LeYanna sets up a Romantic date to woo Zip bakc into her life.
5 5 "Dirty Dirty South" February 5, 2018 1.78
Spanni decides to teach Craig a Lesson she goes to Le'Yanna and Taylor stripper Party and she Grinds up on some Guy and Craig enters the Building and he is Pissed trying to Fight The Guy Throwing Chairs and Spani breaks down in Tears screaming at him for what he did to her By sleeping with Chyna-Doll. Later Young-Jae Knows Chyna and Coco and she wants Them to Mend There issue so she sets up a meeting with them and Coco decides to Pull up Receipts on Chyna-Doll showing her sucking 3 Rappers dicks in The alley last week and Chyna-Doll Reaches over The Table and Yanks Coco Hair and security lays on Them and Breaks it up.
6 6 "Rapping Peaches" February 12, 2018 1.7
Young-Jae and Fredo and Zip are Putting Together this Song against Gun Violence and They Think Coco and Chyna-Doll will be Great and The Girls decides to Put There Difference aside considering There Bets friend from High was killed due to Gun Violence so they decides to Play nice with that song in The studio session. Komika and Spanni and Dazee go to The nail salon and Taylor and Leyanna and Alicia show up and Komika and Taylor starts arguing and Taylor tries to run up and Komika Pops her and Alicia starts Throwing Things at Dazee who starts throwing Things back and Spanni and LeYanna feel there caught in The Middle.
7 7 "Real Shooters" February 26, 2018 1.68
Dazee Missed her Period and she Takes a Pregnancy Test and she Finds out That she is Pregnant and she when she tells Fredo he acts bad he flips out and Tells her to get rid of it because he has to much Kids and Dazee breaks down That He acted That way and she feels she doesn't really love her. Later Chyna-Doll Meets with Spanni to apologize for her part in dealing with Craig-Boss and Spanni tells Chyna That she is Dropped from There Label and No Longer an artist and she throws The Paper sin Chyna face and Chyna-Dolls runs after her and security Stopes Her and Spanni Laughs as Chyna cries.
8 8 "Wig Snatched" March 5, 2018 1.79
Komika and DJ-Style Are Putting The Finishing Touches on There Home They are Building and Zip and Le'Yanna meets Them for Dinner and Le'Yanna tells Komika she doesn't have Beef with her its all Taylor and Young-Jae and Komika is Listening to all The shit These girls have Been saying so she Make sit Upon herself to attend Taylor strip Club and Komika Throws Money at her and Taylor Throws it Back and Komika Jumps on stage and Snatches Taylor wig right off. Later Dazee Has Coco Come to The Abortion Clinic with her to get an Abortion Because fredo is Not Happy about The baby.
9 9 "Pop-Up" March 12, 2018 1.87
Chyna-Doll aint about to Let Spanni taker her Music career away from her and she Burst into Craig Office and she demands he put out her Music its not fair he sleeps with her Then lets his wife control her career and she rips down all of His Fame work. Later Fredo appears at Dazee House and she Has all his shit packed Because of what he put her through and He tells her That he slipped up and Got a stripper Pregnant and she keeping The baby and Dazee breaks down because she just aborted her baby with him But some irrelevant side hoe is Keeping There baby and. And Coco and Zip are in The studio making Music and Le'Yanna walks in and Thinks There is something going on and she gets Upset at Coco for working with her Man without telling her and They start arguing and Le'Yanna Pops Coco in The Head with her Purse and Coco yanks That wig off and Zip and security get in The Middle.
10 10 "Diamonds Aren't Forever" March 19, 2018 1.6
DJ-Style Host This Big party for Komika for her Birthday and invites The whole ATL to come out and Join Them and Have a Great Time and in The Middle of The Party DJ-Style proposes to Komika and she says yes and everyone is happy for her and when Young-Jae and Taylor step into The Building They want to Talk to Komika and and Young-Jae and Komika squashes Things But Taylor just runs her Mouth and Komika Throws Her Drink in Taylor face and Taylor tries to reach Over the Table but security Threw her out and Spanni Talked Dazee into coming out and she comes and Alicia is There and Fredo wants to talk to Dazee who doesn't want to Hear it she breaks down when seeing him and Alicia says something smart and Dazee snaps and Tackles her to the Floor and Spanni Jumps in and starts Hitting Alicia and Le"yanna and Zip attend The party and Coco and Le'Yanna get into arguments and Drinks Start Flying and and Coco still has her Hands Full as Chyna-Doll enters the Building and They stand in front a Big as Table Throwing shade and shots at each Other and Chyna turns her head and Coco Throws her drink in Chyna face and Chyna Jumps on The Table and Coco starts Swinging But Chyna Had The advantage Because she was on The Table and started Pounding Coco in The Head and Snatched her Wig off. and Criag Boss and Spanni announce They are expecting another baby and Chyna-Doll is crushed.
11 11 "Reunion Part 1" March 26, 2018 2.04
All cast members Meet Up in New York to Discuss There season in The ATL and Right off The Bat Chyna-Doll and Coco are Going at it and Coco Says "STAND UP AND TAKE YA SHOES OFF AND FIGHT ME LIKE A REAL BITCH" and Chyna-Doll says "DON'T GET BEAT UP AGAIN HOE" and Coco runs over to her and Chyna Jumps up and Decks her and Coco grabbed her Hair and Security Got on Them and They Slammed Coco and Chyna Had her hair and Craig-Boss and Spanni talk about her being 4 Months Pregnant and Craig says he never cared about Chyna-Doll and she starts Crying and Trying to Fight him and Komika and DJ-Style says They are so happy about There upcoming Wedding That will be Filmed into Next Season and Dazee and Fredo Talks about There situation and Looking Back on it Dazee Breaks down and Komika and Spanni tries to be there be there for her and Alicia knows its wrong and she tries to be on Dazee side but Komika Feels its all for the cameras and Alicia starts arguing with Komika and Komika Pops her right in the Chin before security Pulled Them apart
12 12 "Reunion Part 2" April 2, 2018 2.1
Young-Jae says that she never wanted to beef with Komika and they Hug it out But Komika and Taylor refuse to Hash things out and Zip and Le'yanna get into arguments becuase Le'Yanna wont leave the strip club and he had a ring for her but he Threw the ring in the Audience becuase she wont stop stripping bringing her to tears and Chyna-Doll punches the Camera and leaves the reunion leaving fate for next season in the air.