Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love (season 2)
Format Reality television, Dating game show
Created by Jonathan Murray
Starring TBA
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 8
Producer(s) Bunim/Murray Productions
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel Oxygen Network
Original run TBA – TBA
Preceded by Love Games Season 1
Followed by Love Games 3

"Bad Girls"Edit

Name BGC Season Eliminated
Chasity Griffin Season 3 Runner up
Julia Warner Season 3 Winner
Cheyenne Parks Season 4 Episode 7


Name Age Title name Eliminated
Joey 23 The Sexual Gun Episode 7
Steven 21 The Sex Doctor Episode 1
Ben 23 The Penis Grower Episode 8
Dray 22 The Operator Episode 2
Adam 22 The Stud Episode 5
Brian 25 The Sexas Texas Episode 6
Carlos 21 The Baby Boy Episode 8
Hunter 23 The Smart Boy Episode 4
Lucas 27 The Singer Episode 7
Charles 23 The Hoodlum Episode 6
Jordan 21 The Muscle Man Episode 8
Miles 26 The Rough Sex Winner
Marshall 24 The Girl Magnet Episode 3

Elimnation ChartEdit

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Head Bad Girl In Charge Julia Cheyenne Chasity Julia Chasity Cheyenne Julia Julia
Bad Girl Eliminated N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Cheyenne Chasity
Adam Safe Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Eliminated
Ben Safe Bottom 3 Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe Eliminated
Brian Safe Bottom 3 Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
Carlos Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated
Charles Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated
Dray Safe Eliminated
Hunter Bottom 3 Safe Safe Eliminated
Joey Safe Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Safe Eliminated
Jordan Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe Safe Eliminated
Lucas Bottom 3 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
Marshall Safe Safe Eliminated
Milles Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
Steven Eliminated

Fight In Episode 2Edit

Chasity is furious with Cheyenne for sending Dray home after she saw how good they connected so she runs threw the house searching for her and she finds her outside with Adam and she Runs and Punches her in the face and Cheyenne Grabs her hair and security and the boys try to break it up and Chasity Kicks Cheyenne in the head and Cheyenne Gets lose and Punches her 2 times in the top of the head. and Julia and Chasity decide to team up against Cheyenne.

Chasity's BoysEdit

Dray X
Ben X
Carlos X
Lucas X

Cheyenne's BoysEdit

Adam X
Marshall X
Joey X
Hunter X

Julia's BoysEdit

Charles X
Jordan X
Brian X

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